There were strange events around Southwark Cathedral in the week preceding Wednesday the 22nd of November.

Firstly on the preceding Thursday, a boulder was lowered by crane onto the grounds. It was a new memorial, a granite boulder from the Mohegan tribal lands, and it was to Mohegan Chieftain Sachem Mahomet Weyonomon who was buried in an unmarked grave in Southwark in 1736.The new memorial is a sculpture a work of the artist Peter Randall-Page who supervised its installation.

Then on the Thursday, the flag of the cathedral was lowered to be replaced by the Royal Standard.

Indian Chiefs were seen at the entrance of the cathedral. And it culminated in the Queen unveiling the memorial to the Mohegan Chieftain.

                       Artist Peter Randall-Page

                   The sculpture's final resting place

                               The Indian Chiefs