London SE1 covers the regions known as Bermondsey and Southwark. The area around Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge is a historic part of London and forms the background in much of Charles Dickens writings. Bermondsey, where London Bridge is situated, is named after a Saxon king and an island nearby was known as Bermond's Eye, this subsequently became shortened to the present name of Bermondsey. Historically, it was an industrial and docks area but the docks closed in the 60s with the decline of industry. It became an inner-city are marked by poverty and inequality. However, rapid regeneration has taken place over the last twenty years which has seen a revival of SE1.

Wandering up the Thames, the part which is now being marketed as Bankside, is being rapidly redeveloped. New restaurants and bars are opening along the riverbanks. In nearby Borough High Street inns, such as the George, that survived the Great Fire of London can be found plus at least a dozen new restaurants and bars. The Globe theatre is nearby as is the Tate Modern.

Moving down the Thames, in the opposite direction is The Modern Design Museum, part of the Shad Thames complex at Tower Bridge, ten minutes walk away. On the way to Tower bridge an ultra modern building is to be found, It is the Greater London Authrity, the headquarters of London's mayor, presently Ken Livingstone. The Pont de la Tour restaurant, at Shad Thames, is where Tony Blair and Bill Clinton had their historic first supper.

These photos demonstrate the extremes of SE1; there are hidden gems amongst the hideous and brutal architechture of the 60s. What Hitler failed to bomb, the 'white hot heat of technology' of Wilson's Labour government if the 60s destroyed, tearing down Victorian terraces and replacing them with Soviet style tower blocks.

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                             The GLA

                      Appartment Block

                                         Inner city decay

   Tower Bridge after a nuclear attack

                                     Inner city garden

                        Shad Thames

                     Tower Bridge

             View of the City of London from London's Eye