The small fishing village of Caleta de Famara is to be found on the northwest coast of Lanzarote occupying a large, curving bay with what appears to be an endless beach, with steep cliffs rising straight out of the ocean and stunning views out to the Isle of La Graciosa. It seems to bear the brunt of the tradewinds sweeping in from the Atlantic and the cliffs rise straight up from the depths of the ocean to the highest point on the island. Cesar Manrique spent many childhood summers there and loved it for its beauty.

The cliffs of Famara
                     Houses overlooking the harbour at Famara

While there are surf shops, a couple of small supermarkets and a number of seafood restaurants, there are no banks. There are several local restaurants but none catering to those wanting English breakfasts. Away from the main road the streets are sandy and not tar sealed.

  Surfing in the waves at Famara

The original fishing village and harbour has existed for many years. It is a laid back place which does not appear to have kept pace with developments in the rest of the island at all. The beach inside the harbour is safe. Strong currents outside the harbour make for some dangerous swimming. It is strongly advised to take great care. In the summer months there are cooling sea breezes that make Famara perfect for sunbathing and surfing. In the late afternoon in the autumn months, you will be greeted with some fantastic sunsets, as the sun slowly sinks behind the mountains in the west.

                      Sirocco at Famara

                     Ice cream van under the Risco (cliffs)

                    La Caleta de Famara

I discovered this paradise in 1984 and it is scarsely changed in the intervening years. It is popular with people from what the locals (Conjeherra) call the Peninsular (Spain). Famara is also been popular with Norwegians and Germans who have been looking for something unconventional and different. It has been largely ignored by the vast majority of British tourists except for a discerning minority.

                         Waves at Famara

                          Sunset on El Risco

El Riscos de Famara (The cliffs of Famara)

Sandstorm in action

There are some drawbacks. Because of the cliffs there are winds. When they are strong there are sandstorms as one can see from this photo.