The vast majority of the photos taken on this web-site were taken with a Nikon D70 with a 28-80 lens. Some photos were taken with an Olympus Compact digital C40Z and a very few were taken with a Nikon F100 camera. The photographer himself started with a very old fashioned box Kodak, graduating to a Ricoh and then onto the first of Nikon's SLRs, a Nikon F. A fantastic camera ahead of its time.

Now state of the art digital cameras are almost out of date by the time they hit the shops. D70s became commonly available about June 2004, becoming replaced by the D70s and now there is a D80 which is cheaper new now than the D70 then. The D80 possesses 10 million pixels against the 6.2 of the D70. One cannot keep up!!