A view of the boat harbour at La Graciosa
         The cliffs of Famara, Lanzarote are in the background

                                        A very rare rainbow appeared one day while driving near El Lonumento.

                                            A beachscene

                                   In the square, Teguise

                                       A devil's punchbowl

Los Hervideros (literally the 'Boiling Waters') are a series of caves and blow holes which have been eroded into a former Lava flow. As the waves crash into the caves, mountains of white surf are produced, giving the appearance of 'Boiling Waters'. Here it is possible to walk around the cliffs and watch the breakers crash into the caves from one of the natural 'balconies'. The whole coastline around here is wild and when the weather is rough breakers send spray and sea water onto the road.

                       A wild coastline with lava falling into the sea

                                      The view at El Golfo

Further along the coast is the village of El Golfo. There was nothing there twenty years ago. Today it is full of restaurants, and traffic jams.

The village at La Graciosa

Take a day trip to on the ferry from Orzola in the far northeast of Lanzarote and these are some of the views that will greet you. The cliffs of Famara, Lanzarote tower in the background.

                                             Lava flows

                            The rocky fore-shore at Famara